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When Abu Dhabi International School (AIS) was established in 1981, by Mrs Jihan Nasr only pre-school, KGI and Prep Classes were incorporated thereafter one level was added each academic year. In Sept. 1994 AIS has become a unit school (K-12), in June 1995 was the birth of the first graduating class.

A board of directors manages the school chaired by H.H. Sheikh Suroor Bin Moh'd Al Nahyan. Mrs. Nasr is the General Manager and Superintendent. The school is accredited by CITA (The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation), which represents six American regional school accrediting commissions.

AIS is a coeducational day school with current students enrollement around 1500,as on Sept 04. of different nationalities and cultures. In this area administration is committed to promote responsible freedom and enhance unity and respect.
The immediate agenda of the school is to strengthen the articulation of the existing programs and open more elective courses, attract highly qualified faculty, also committed to inspire the new generation and serves the needs of the community.


Both the American and British systems of instruction are offered. The American curriculum is offered from KG to 12 while the British program is offered from 9-12. Upon completion of grade eight, students choose between American curriculum or British curriculum. Upon completion of grade 12, students of both programs will receive a high school certificate if they accomplish the required number of credits.

The British curriculum begins with a two-year I.G.C.S.E. course of studies in grade 9 and continues with Advanced Supplementary (AS) courses in grade 11 and "A" Level courses in grade 12.

The language of instruction is English and the school also offers Arabic to native and foreign speakers. All students must study English, Science, Math, Social studies and Arabic with additional requirements in Religious studies, French, Art, Music, Physical Education, Health and Computer. French language courses begin in grade 5 and continues through grade 12. Islamic studies is mandatory for all Muslim students and interested students may also enroll in these classes.

  • Sports & Extra-Curricular Activities
    The essential learning areas are supplemented with an extensive student activities program. Students have the opportunity to join varsity school teams such as basketball, soccer and volleyball or to participate in intramural sports. The school offers a variety of activities such as badminton, table tennis, cooking, arts and crafts, book making, painting, choir, drama and dance.

  • The Students Council
    Is an active cabinet with rules and responsibilities.

  • Exceptional Students
    Students with sufficient difficulty in reading and/or math may be placed in our Continuous Progress Program to receive instruction on an individual or small group basis. Students continue regular classes while receiving additional instruction in math and reading for more effective learning.

In the Elementary school, all classes are taught by fully qualified teachers who are native English speakers generally from North America and the UK. Full time aides are employed from K G I to 1st grade, which are self-contained classes. Grades 5-12 receive instruction from specialized subject teachers. Then maximum class size is twenty-five students.


Admission is granted after the applicants satisfactorily pass the placement test standards under which students are admitted. These tests are monitored by the departments concerned.

Registration Requirements

  1. Previous School Report Card
  2. Satisfactorily pass the placement tests
  3. Three (3) passport size color photos
  4. Photocopy of the Birth certificate
  5. Original Birth certificate
  6. Copy of the Passport (student and father)
  7. Transfer certificate from previous school

Graduation Requirements

  • Students in both the American and British programs must sit for TOEFL and SAT I & SAT II exams
  • Must satisfactorily pass the 12th grade academic requirements

Our graduating students have been accepted to attend universities in USA, Canada, UK, Lebanon, Australia, Egypt and Europe.

External Tests:

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills, an American standardized test, is administered from 1st grade through 10th grade. Students in 11th grade write ACT, SAT I and TOEFL and in the 12th grade write SAT I, II and Advanced Placement.

Testing Center:

AIS is an I.G.C.S.E. test Center; A-Level test Center; SAT test Center; ACT Center and AP Center.

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